2010 - JavaScript

WebGLU was the very first WebGL development library. It is both a set of low-level utilities and a high-level engine for developing WebGL based applications.

WebGLU is designed such that a developer can focus on the end result with a minimum of fuss and code, but doesn't hand hold developers who want more control. This is achieved by exposing the raw GL object and also many lower-level functions for working with it and the WebGL API.

WebGLU is open source under the MIT licence and is available on GitHub.

Sand Havens

2009 - C# and HLSL

A novel hardware interface utilizing surface deformation and a game which uses it. From concept to completed system in just ten weeks.


2008 - C++

A raytracing renderer utilzing the Qt GUI toolkit for its UI. Example renders available upon request

Seam Carving

2007 - Java

An image manipulation application that can apply image convolution and Kuwahara filters as well as perform the content aware image resizing algorithm known as seam carving.